• Our ‘Donate Now’ option is for those people who would like to contribute to an individual cow’s ongoing maintenance and health.
• The cost for this will vary from farm to farm or sanctuary depending on factors such as the seasons and variance in which the cows need to eat hay and the remuneration of paid workers.
• On adopting a cow through this initiative, you will receive regular photos and updates about the cow being cared for in your name.
• If you are interested in sponsoring one or more cows in this way, please select the name of the cow, and you can set up an automatic monthly donation for the cow(s) you would like to adopt.
• As the Shuddham Gaushala Foundation expands, we will have a burgeoning family of cows from many different farms and sanctuaries available to adopt.

Donate as per your Choice

Contribute your desired amount to the welfare of cows.

Feed Cows for a Day

Feed the entire herd of cows for a day.
Rs. 10,000/

Laddoo FEST for All Cows

Feed Laddoos to all the cows at the Gaushala.
Rs. 5000/– per Seva

Grass/Straw Expenses

Provide for the straw expenses of the cows for one day.
Gau Straw Seva Rs. 7000/

Grass/Straw Expenses

Provide for the straw expenses of the cows for one day.
Gau Straw Seva Rs. 7000/

Offer a Feast on your Birth Star

Provide a feast of fruits and jaggery laddoos for the entire herd every month on your zodiac (12 times a year).
Rs. 20,000/-

Oushada Seva (Medicine)

Contribute to one-time doctors visit/medicines/regular deworming for the entire herd.
Rs. 5,000/- per seva

Contribute to Building a Cowshed for Cows

Help us to fund the larger part of a cowshed for housing more cows.
Contact us for details.

Gaushala Daanam

Interested bhaktas can donate 1-year entire expenses of the Gaushala and derive the spiritual benefits of Gau Daanam.
Contact us for details.

Offer Feast for the Herd

Feed fruits and jaggery laddoos to the whole herd on your birthday/special occasions.
Rs. 3,000/-

Gau Daanam

Donate a cow and derive the spiritual benefits of Gau Daanam. The donor of the cow will be treated as its adoptive family.
Contact us for details.

Feed a Cow

Do the Seva of a cow/bull by feeding and taking care of the medical expenses for a year. You can name the cow,and we shall send you all the photographs.
Rs. 1,20,000/-

One-Day Expense of the Gaushala

Provide for the total daily expenses of one day at the Gaushala. This includes fodder for all cows, electricity, labour charges and medical expenses for maintaining cows.
One-Day Expense: Rs. 20,000/-

Fodder Expense

Organic fodder is provided two times a day to all cows.
Bhaktas can provide for the expense of the fodder for one session.
One-Day Expense: Rs. 10,000/-