India was previously home to 72 species of indigenous cows. After independence we lost over 65% of them. All that remain are 26 species. The rest are either hybrid or cross breed. PAYAL PATIDAR is on a mission to preserve the native species and protect them from becoming extinct.

Our founder PAYAL PATIDAR has decided to put in all his efforts to revive Bharat’s Gau Sanskriti. Under Payal’s leadership, the Gaushalas are getting shaped to go much beyond being a center of excellence in Gaupalan, and in introducing new practices in organic farming.


1. Supporting the Lives of Cows

We are seeking your help to support the lives of cows; we will be utilising every avenue of communication available including:

• Making presentations to individuals and groups
• Using the internet and social media
• Writing articles to spread our mission and involving everyone

2. Creating Educational Materials

We are creating educational materials to support farmers in applying the new/ancient paradigm of sustainable cow care. Knowledge and expertise will be provided to help farmers become more self-sufficient by applying the research on sustainable cow care. This initiative is being conducted by our team.

3. Developing Cow Sanctuaries

We are introducing a new concept of Cow Sanctuaries; sanctuaries will be created as needed to fulfill the goal of allowing cows to live out their full span of life with dignity and respect. Land and funds will be gratefully received by the foundation for this noble purpose..