A Day in the

Life of Our Cows

The cows wake up between 3:30 am to 4:30 am. At this time, the Gaushala team collects the cows’ first urine, which is considered highly pure, holistic & incredibly useful for medicinal purposes.
In addition to urine, devotees collect cow dung, which is then used for composting or making cakes. Cow dung collection happens throughout the day to ensure the sitting area of the cows remains clean.
After waking up, the cows chew on forage kept in the troughs and drink water available at various spots. Then, around 5:00 am, they are milked, and that sacred milk is used for the services of the Deities.

Open Grazing

Around 7:00 am, the cows are ready to begin open grazing assisted by two cowboys from the Gaushala. As the doors open, the cows stroll to the forest and happily graze for nearly two and a half hours.
While they are away, the Gaushala staff cleans the dung from the barn. Twice a week, the staff changes the cushioning on the mud flooring. Also, they give forage to the progenitor bulls, who are generally sedentary and prefer to stay in their stalls.

Cows Return / Cow Bathing

The caretakers fill all the troughs with green grass before the cows come back from grazing. Then, around 10:30 am, the cows return and feast on the freshly kept green grass. Once a week, all the cows and bulls are bathed after returning from grazing.

Preparations for Forage and Silage

Caretakers arrange for fodder at this time by soaking dry grass, jaggery, press cakes and other concentrates. This highly nutritious mixture is soaked until 3:30 pm and is then offered to all the cows and bulls in the evening.

Day Rest

After eating to their fill, the cows take a rest or keep strolling in the free-stall barn that provides the cows with a clean, dry, comfortable resting area and easy access to food & water.
The cows are not restrained and are free to enter, lie down, rise and leave the barn whenever they desire. They don’t have a noose either. )Resident visitors show up throughout the day to spend time with the cows and brush & cuddle with them. This makes the cows very happy!