Shuddham Gaushala Foundation

The primary activity of the Shuddham Gaushala Foundation is to promote the humane care of cows by providing knowledge and practical support for their compassionate care as per the following principles:
• Cows are allowed to live out their full span of life
• They are nurtured, respected and treated with kindness
• Young calves are allowed to stay with their mothers and nurse from them for at least 4-6 months
• Cows enjoy organic fodder and are allowed to graze freely on pasture.


Our mission is to protect Indian cows and allow them to live out their full span of life with respect and kindness.


To build shelters for 10,000 cows that are homeless and non-milking & create awareness to everyone that cows can be given their due respect till the end.


To preserve the Indian indigenous cows and to enrich the Indian breed.

Impact We Want To Create

Change the mindset of society towards cows and imbibe that Cows are a symbol of abundance & sanctity of life across all cultures, faiths and religions.